Fuckin’ awesome!! My first collection @sevensisterslondon is now available in all @thestingnetwork stores! PROUD!!!
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Morning! Now on the blog. Ph taken by @adashoffashblog  (bij www.mydailyfashiondosis.com)
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Powernecklace @shehasagunjewels tomorrow on the blog! Ph. Taken by @adashoffashblog  (bij www.mydailyfashiondosis.com)
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What do you think?  (bij www.mydailyfashiondosis.com)
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#girltalk #goodnight (bij www.mydailyfashiondosis.com)
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Almost all preps are done! Time to take some champagne & celebrate life! You all ready for tonight girls? @adashoffashblog @lily_hashtagby @nathaliekemna @formulafarah @larissabruin @preppyfashionist @missgracekelly1 @femkehha @brittketelaar @daniellemasselink @missiontostyle_by_dani @snnhlln @blancaeppinga @liveincolors  (bij www.mydailyfashiondosis.com)
06.21.14 /10:16
Thanks for all the bday wishes! Love! 💗 (bij www.mydailyfashiondosis.com)
06.20.14 /16:27
Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Lets have a bday toast with my girls @lily_hashtagby @adashoffashblog  (bij www.mydailyfashiondosis.com)
06.20.14 /07:12
Start each day like it is your bday! The big 25 today! 🎁 (bij www.mydailyfashiondosis.com)
06.20.14 /00:53
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